Monday, May 25, 2009

I've Got Some Catching Up to Do Part 1

Sorry I have neglected the blog for a bit. I should say that we are all healthy again and have been for a week or so now. Life is so much better with healthy kids let me tell you. The weather has been nice so we have been spending a lot of time outside. Ryan and Kaylie are about to turn two on the 30th so I am getting ready for their party.

We went down the shore this weekend to Grandma and Pop Pop's shorehouse. We took a walk over to the bay and played on the playground.

Through the tunnel.

On the swings....their favorite at the moment.

For nostalgia sake. This picture was taken Memorial Day last year. They both fit on one swing! The difference a year makes!

How do you keep two toddlers and a six year old busy? Why you have them "paint" the fence with water. Guaranteed fun for a half hour minimum! I know you are all going to try it aren't you? They loved it and yours will too.

Taking a break from painting.


Christa said...

LOVE the painting idea! I am so trying it tomorrow. I've done that with my Pre-K kids (on the chalk board in our old school) and never even thought to try it outside with mine. I am SO trying it the next nice day! Hope you had a great time at the beach house!

Becky said...

Ooh guess what I am going to buy tomorrow??? Paint brushes!

Great idea. I hope you had a great holiday wknd!

cat said...

Oh yes, I am so going to try that painting idea. Just need to find a suitable surface.