Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebratory Weekend

This past weekend I celebrated my 33rd birthday and second Mother's Day! It was a low key morning but then we went to my in-laws for a delicious birthday dinner in my honor. I got a new purse, lots of gift cards and money. I'm looking forward to going shopping soon.

Kaylie exploring with cousin Emily
Ryan taking a rest from climbing the deck stairs. He must have climbed them about 500 times--and has the bruises to prove it.
Ryan playing ball with Rachel

Mother's Day was really nice. I got to "sleep in" while Bob had the kids. This means I laid in bed until get this...7:30! Our usual get up time is between 6:30 and 7:00. Heaven! I got some flowers and had breakfast made for me. I planted flowers and we took the kids to the park. I got kisses from both kids. Ryan is really stingy with his kisses but I got one right before bedtime. It made my day.

Pics from the park.


cat said...

Veels geluk (That's off course, Happy Birthday) great to see you had such a nice double whammy of festive days.

Linda said...

Great pictures at the park! I love the pic of Kaylie and Emily exploring too. Sounds like you had a really nice weekend. Hope you got some 'time to go out shopping coupons' for your bday.

Becky said...

Sometimes I really do think we have parallel lives. I turn 33 June 2nd. A purse and money, that sound like the PERFECT presents to me.

Glad you had a good day and the park pics are precious.

Happy b-day and Mother's Day!

Judy said...

happy birthday liz! looks like u had a great weekend based on the pictures! i cant believe ur kiddies will be 2 yrs old soooo soon!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne (Jo-Jo) said...

Hope you had a great birthday (33, boy I can't believe it) I wish I was that age again! Also Happy
Belated Mothers Day.

Love Joanne