Sunday, November 9, 2008

Playground Fun

Sunday we went to visit at my friend, Carra's, house. We took them over to a playground and they had a blast climbing through a tunnel, going on a merry go round and the swings. This was actually the first time they went on a slide! They loved it. The outing wasn't terribly long because it was a little chilly but it was a great idea to get out and enjoy the weather before it turns really cold.

Kaylie's turn. (I'm taking this halfway across the playground while chasing after Ryan)

Then they got into a little mischief when we got back!


Linda said...

I DEFINITELY agree to get them out while you still can! We're about to go into hibernation!! lol

BoufMom9 said...

I can't believe it! They are kids! Your babies have turned into KIDS! WOW!
Look at them! Playing like BIG KIDS!

rachael said...

how fun! it looks like they really enjoyed it!

Harris Boys said...

first time down a slide...I bet they LOVED it!!!!

Alison said...

Is that Carra H.? Please tell her I said hello!