Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Keeping the Kids Entertained

Winter is around the corner. Here are a few ideas to keep your kiddos occupied that I happened to discover by chance.

1. MITTENS--K & R don't want to wear their mittens outside. Instead they would rather wear them inside for about 20 minutes. I don't know what the obsession was but they wanted them on. Novelty I suppose.

2. PAPER---A paper towel can be a fascinating object to a 17 month old and the ripping develops fine motor skills. Only requires a few minutes of clean up time.

3. See how many kids can fit into a box and don't forget to time how long it takes before one gets mad. (I still don't know how they both managed to get in there.)

4. Play Peek a Boo with oven mitts.

Oh and I saw bubbles used indoors on another blog I read so I will be busting them out soon. I remember R & K loved them last winter.

I sort of started out this post as a joke, but then thought about how the activities were really all things that kept my kids busy and they liked. I know you are going to try these ideas out today aren't you? M.O.M.s have to stay sane somehow. Got any tips for me???


rachael said...

we love hats around here in addition to the mittens, precious minutes of entertainment! my always climb into boxes, baskets, etc... on top of each other, even if another one is nearby! and paper towels is a fabulous idea!

Toni said...

Tupperware, and clothes pins :)

Becky said...

Love it! The boys are big into climbing into things also. I read somewhere that it is a learning skill of some sort...spatial reasoning or something.

Linda said...

Great ideas!!!! And lol at them both in the box!

cat said...

I have a great idea. We are having great summer weather - pop over for a visit.;-)