Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Em!

This weekend we celebrated Ryan & Kaylie's cousin Emily's first birthday. It was at a restaurant with delicious food! I will say that this was the first time these two have been to a restaurant outside of going to the mall food court. I know, I know. What are we waiting for? I don't know. We have toyed with the idea many times but it seems daunting to go out with two toddlers. Ryan and Kaylie did fine for the most part. They sat for awhile and then of course wanted to get up and explore. Ryan had one thing on his mind and it was to get out of the private room we were in. I spent most of the time telling him no and bringing him back into the room because well....he doesn't listen yet. Kay attempted escaping as well, but not nearly as fixated on the idea as Ryan. I will say my son is persistent.

I suppose we may be brave soon and try an outing as a family at a real bonafide restaurant. They really have to learn how to be in a place like that.
Emily received this HUGE bear that entertained R & K for a while.

And here's the birthday girl...Happy First B-day Em!


Linda said...

Looks like a fun party! Love the big bear!! We've only gone out a few times to restaurants but we want to try it more too.

Amy said...

I had no idea it was their first restaurant experience! They were great! I have to send you the pictures I have of Ryan in the tent. Steve thinks they're hysterical!

cat said...

Oh look at that cute little birthday princess! What a dress. I class restaurant outings with kids as a huge run around, chaos and sometimes really not worth it.