Thursday, November 6, 2008

17 Monthers

Before I forget, I thought I would capture some of what Kaylie & Ryan are into at 17 months old.

Kaylie: loves to bite these days. She can moo like a cow and hiss like a snake. Does so big, peekaboo, marching/dancing, and loves ring around the rosie. She tips over quite well at I'm a Little Tea Pot. We're still working on language but the animal sounds this week are new. She points at everything and LOVES animals--especially dogs. She identifies body parts and is VERY interested in her belly button. She enjoys running away from Mommy when getting dressed.

Ryan: is into standing on ANYTHING and letting go!! As a result, many of our ride on toys have been confiscated. Ryan played peek a boo for the first time this week (with him putting his hands on his eyes) and he now hisses like a snake when asked what sound a snake makes. Still awaiting words from him as well although I think he says ball, and this? (for What's this?). He does the sign for MORE and uses it appropriately. Ryan also likes ring around the rosie and so big. He likes shape sorters and still loves the rings from the ring stacker--he can put them back on now (Kaylie too)--but not in the right order. Ryan tries to get into the cabinets at any chance he can. I think he has radar for when I forget to relock the cabinet.

They're both love Elmo, Jack's Big Music Show, Laurie Berkner music, (pretty much any kid's music), and being outside. They really love books too (YAY!) with current favorites being Goodnight Moon, Pajama Time, and any lift the flap books. Kaylie loves to destroy these!

They are really keeping me on my toes! I love to see them developing into toddlers with personality, despite the many tantrums along the way.Here's Ryan in a shirt that says Little Guy on it. Bob frequently calls him that so I had to get it!


Linda said...

I love hear how they're growing up and the new things they're doing. Now I'll know what toys to have (and not have!) out when you come over!

rachael said...

i love to hear all of the new things they are up to...cute pics!

cat said...

My but they are growing in leaps and bounds.

Harris Boys said...

great pics liz. 17 months...doesn't seem possible. did you give up on the monthly pic sessions?

Becky said...

Hey Liz! How sad is it that I just had to check your comments on the last 3 posts to see if I already commented? So, so sad! Anyways, I love the pic of Ryan jammin' with the pots and pans! So cute. They are realy growing up fast and I don't know about you but I'd like to slow it down a bit.