Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mom Down, Mom Down!!

Sorry it's been awhile...

You know in those military movies when one of the soldiers gets injured and everyone yells, "Man down!, Man down!"? Well last night, I was saying, "Mom, down!" I had the worst sore throat I have ever had, chills and overall feeling of yucky that lasted into today. I just needed to get to bed. I woke up at 2 o'clock in the morning thinking I might need to go to the ER. My throat felt like it only had an opening the size of a pea. (I even got a flashlight to shine down my throat while looking in the mirror!) I took some Tylenol to help inflammation and sucked on a Chloraseptic lozenge. I wouldn't have won any Mom of the Year awards today, being that I laid on the couch, floor, or bed with the kids and had them bring me books and the like. I even got out some toys that are supposed to be for Easter to keep them entertained. A lot of TV was watched, which really only entertains Ryan. Kaylie could care less if the TV came on at all during the day. I'm not proud but what are you going to do? At present I feel a bit better but the sore throat and yuckiness feeling is still there but not as strong.

Some happenings this week:
We took our weekly trip to the library. I've been taking them into the library by holding their hands. They are doing really well without the stroller. This is the only place I have tried it because the parking lot is not busy. Ryan climbs right into the minivan--Kaylie needs a boost. Although I did notice at Target the other day, they have carts where two kids can sit. I might test them out one day soon. We went to Home Depot last weekend and the kids got to ride in a two seater racecar cart. Pretty cool! They didn't want to get out. So for a cheap, thrilling outing check out your local Home Depot. :) (I have a picture but it's on Bob's cell phone and he is busily working at the moment to be bothered.)

Ryan has started another cold so we had to cancel two playdates this week. Not fun! He is showing interest in wanting to walk down the stairs so we have started practicing as much as we can without Kaylie wanting to have her turn. She's just too little. He also is starting to walk upright up them. Ryan has become even more interested in books which is a good thing. For awhile I definitely saw Kaylie being more interested. Must be the difference between boys and girls. Ryan is a climbing fool and has moments where he just tries to look around to see what trouble he can get into. I tell him that his horns have come out during these moments.

While Ryan has the physical down, Kaylie is a genius...might be biased but I witnessed it for myself! While I cook dinner I sometimes give her a sticker book to play with to keep her busy. You peel the stickers and then put them on designated pages. Well, I saw her busily peeling off some numbers and placing them on the floor. Went about cooking and looked back and she had actually found the right page for where the stickers go and placed the 4 and 5 where they should go! Amazing right?! This girl is recognizing letters and colors, making amazing connections, and yet barely utters 20 words. I just needed to gush. Go girl!


BoufMom9 said...

OH no! I hope you feel better rally soon!

ps Have to say I did giggle a bit when I read your title. LOL

Becky said...

Go Kaylie! That really is impressive. Ryan on the stairs is great too. I hope that you feel better soon and I totally understand having to use the TV or whatever it takes to get through the day when you are sick. Don't worry about it!

Linda said...

Go Kaylie!!! That's really great! And to me 20 words sounds like a dream as well.
I'm so sorry you're so sick Liz. It's really hard when you have to take care of the kids. Don't feel bad about letting them watch a lot of tv one day or play around on their own a bit. Try and rest. We missed seeing you this week!

Linda said...

Oh, and which Target has the carts for two???

cat said...

Hope you all feel better soon, especially mom. And great going Kylie.