Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Back Up!

Well how's this week going? Let's see.

We were supposed to have a busy weekend doing an egg hunt, seeing the Easter Bunny and going to my nephew's 6th birthday party. All of that was canceled due to us being sick. Luckily (not for him) but my nephew was sick as well and his party had to be postponed so we do get to go to that this coming weekend. Bob picked up some slack around here while I was down and I am grateful.

Since Monday I am feeling back to normal, BUT now I am sporting my first ever black eye compliments of my daughter. Kaylie was just horsing around on the couch and did a free fall backwards on what I think she thought was a pile of pillows. Well, instead it was my cheekbone. It hurt pretty bad and I actually heard a crack when she hit me. I was scared to look in the mirror fearing the skin on my cheekbone had broken open. (This happened to me in second grade and I needed stitches after a collision with another classmate so I am always brought back to that moment. ) Anyway, no broken skin...just a bruise. I did cry and double over in pain and no one really cared.

I'm still wiping noses but Ryan & Kaylie are getting better each day.
We met with Early Intervention and came up with a plan and goals for development. I should be hearing from the therapist any day now. I can't wait to get that rolling. Although, I still wonder what they will do that I can't or haven't been doing. I'm a little skeptical. Maybe it's the teacher in me.

We played outside today and took a ride to the outlets to get new shoes. I'm thankful for this warmer weather and the daffodils I'll be cutting soon.
Have you ever watched a toddler try to jump and they just can't quite do it? It's the funniest thing and it will surely lift your spirits. Ryan & Kaylie have been attempting to do this daily. One day they may get some air, but for now I will secretly enjoy the show. Here's Ryan trying to jump outside. The pictures of course don't do it any justice.They must have tired from all the jumping and dancing they were doing. Ryan laid down first and then Kaylie copied.

We tried painting with water for the first time Thursday. They did well although I have dubbed this activity, "Drink water from paintbrush time."
I was able to get my hair cut.

They received an early gift from the Easter Bunny--a new kitchen. It kept them busy while Mommy was down. They seem to like it and the box too!


cat said...

Off course they love the box! Sometimes more than the content - can anybody out there explain that to me? Hope you are better by now.

Becky said...

Ouch a black eye from a toddler. That's rough! I have to laugh at the sucking water from the brush. I didn't even think of those water paint pages. I am going to have to snag some of those. As usual I will be borrowing from your ideas :) I also love the jumping. It is one of the funnier things toddlers do. I also loved when the boys didn't understand throwing a ball and they just held it up and didn't let it go. Very funny! I hope you all mend quickly!

BTW I responded to your trike question in my comments.

Linda said...

Poor you with the black eye! Hope you're feeling better now. Looks like they're keeping busy with new activities and toys. Love the pics, they look so grown up!

Christa said...

Oh, no! These twins I tell ya. Not only do they provide double the dirty diapers, but black eyes, too? I'll be watching my back;) I'm glad to hear you are finally feeling better. I loved this post. Great pics and you made me laugh a few times (always a good thing at the end of a long day!)

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh that picture of them sprawled out is TOOO funny!

Happy Happy Easter!