Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting into the Spirit

Hey there! Miss us????

A month almost gone already.....We've had a few illnesses this month, but I think we are on the mend now. We'll know for sure tomorrow. One of the viruses Kaylie had pushed her white blood count really low, so we are having a recheck tomorrow to see if they have gone up. Googling low white blood count is not comforting but I am sure it has gone back up because she is acting herself again. Aside from that we've been getting into the holiday spirit around here.

They had a visit with Santa...they didn't cry but they didn't smile either...no surprise there. I can't believe I paid money for this picture with a crooked belted Santa and non smiling/looking kids.

Helped daddy hang the lights...

Made a gingerbread house,

Helped Mommy bake. Ryan was more interested in eating the cookies than decorating.

Decorated the tree, which they were really into helping with. After one day of constantly touching it, they have left it alone for the most part.

and had their holiday picture taken.

This didn't go over so well. Kaylie cried as usual (in her defense she was at the start of her virus fighting) and refused to get up on the platform. Whenever we have tried to go to a photo studio this is what happens so we have invested in our own camera/studio equipment. Bob just didn't have the time to do it this year so it is what it is. Just an okay picture. Note: Don't try to print this picture. It is a picture of a picture--not good quality.


BoufMom9 said...

Kaylie's staticy sticky-uppy hair in the picture of her standing up on the chair is cracking me up!
(Emma has had the worst static hair the past week. hahaha)

Looks like you did a lot of fun & festive things! How great!

Linda said...

Super cute photos Liz! Merry Christmas!