Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting into the Spirit Part 2---NO!

Ok, I'll just go ahead and post two posts in one night!!

Last weekend we had a huge snowstorm here. We got 22.5 inches (official report) of "no" (AKA snow--still working our s blends here)!!! The kids helped shovel and really liked finding "noballs" AKA huge chunks of snow. We didn't get to do any sledding because they are getting a sled for Christmas and I was scared to lose them in the 22 inches or at the very least have their boots come off. Imagine the tears. They did not like getting snowflakes in their eyes at all! We had enough tears between that and the frustration of trying to use mittens and the shovel. I'm inventing mittens with grippers on them---probably already invented but now I'm on the search for them.
Anyway, all this snow has helped get me into the holiday spirit. Baking is done. Buying is done. Just have a bit of wrapping left to do and then I can relax and enjoy Christmas through my kid's eyes. I can't wait for their reactions!!
Bundled and ready to go.


BoufMom9 said...

Hey! there's the snow we were supposed to get. LOL

It looks so pretty and Christmasy, doesn't it? I LOVE it!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

The upside of being up since 4:30 is that I can catch up on my blog reading! :) They are too cute and I'm so glad they enjoyed the snow! Alex HATED the gloves and then HATED the snow on his hands. We couldn't win. Hope Kaylie feels better soon!

Have a Merry Christmas. BTW cracking up at the crooked belted santa.

cat said...

Oh wow! Just look at the snow! So unlike here.

tbonegrl said...

OK, "No"balls made me put my head down on the desk I was freaking laughing so hard. That is awesome!