Thursday, November 5, 2009

On Being Almost 2 1/2

We are 3 weeks away from turning 2 1/2...

In some ways it has gotten easier--they play by themselves more which allows me to get some things done. They also have started playing WITH each other. This of course leads to MANY, MANY fights that have to be broken up/settled by me. I must admit I lose my patience with this very quickly. Why is it that when I was teaching I had all the patience in the world, but with my two children that patience flies out the window as soon as the fighting starts? I know they are toddlers and have a lot to learn about the world and it is my job to teach/model how to share and take turns. It's not so easy to do with 2 toddlers screaming, "Me! Me! Me! It's all about me!" from every pore in their body. There is no reasoning to be had.

I think things have gotten a bit better because they have started speaking more too. And yes, I have even seen more sharing and I praise that like it's nobody's business believe me. They are beginning to put together 3-4 word phrases now. I see their vocabulary growing by the day and I just love how they pronounce words. No matter how many times you might say it to them the correct way, blankets were still "mankets" according to Ryan. But we have now graduated to "bankets"--some progress. Magnets=maggots, DV=TV, and I won't bother going into what fork sounds like. I just love the way they pronounce things.

They know their shapes, colors, and we are almost counting to 10 correctly. They can identify letters and numbers. How proud was I when Kaylie pointed to a stop sign and said, "Stop." I know I sound like that Noggin (now known as Nick Jr.) commercial but it's true! Noggin is a kid's TV channel for those that don't know and the parent on there says that her daughter pointed to a stop sign and said octagon. I've one upped you lady---my child can read! Just kidding, although we think Kaylie recognizes her name and Ryan's when written on the Magnadoodle.

They love to ask for something and then change their mind and then change their mind back to the original thing they ask for and then switch again. You get the picture. Again, my patience is tried.

Kaylie loves to do anything art related. She loves Dora, dolls, puzzles, and playing dress up. They enjoy the crafts they do at story time.

Ryan has gotten into cars and trains little bit. He likes running them down the car ramp. He will now play with his Thomas set for some time without dismantling it in .2 seconds.

They still enjoy playing outside, going to the playground and walks. I am dreading the colder months when we are cooped up.

They climb into their carseats and booster seats now. We are a lot better on stairs but I still like to shadow them. We have had a few tumbles.

They can jump and actually "get air."

They've become pretty picky eaters and aren't willing to try new things if it doesn't fit the bill. One area we need to work on.

I am liking this stage now that they are talking. There is a little give and take now. One of the first conversations that I can remember having with Ryan went like this:

Me: What do you want for dinner?
Ryan: Waffles!
Me: Waffles?! Really, for dinner?
Ryan: Yes, (then thinks). How 'bout chicken nug-gets?
Me: Ok
Ryan: (tilts head and thinks) How 'bout bacon?
Ryan: (tilts head) How 'bout crackers?
Ryan: (tilts head) How 'bout 'ghetti?
Ryan: (tilts head) How 'bout apples?

You get the idea. Cutest. thing. ever.

2 1/2 is challenging and just plain enjoyable at the same time. I am trying to enjoy every minute, even through the tough days. I know I am blessed to have two healthy babies and I treasure each day.


Linda said...

Love hearing what they're up to. Sounds like things are going well (despite the fighting). And YAY that they're starting to play together!

Cindy said...

LOVE IT!! What a great age...all the cute far, far outweighs the bad when it's all said and done. I miss those days.

Kimberly said...

I love hearing how big they have gotten! Ryan's conversation over what to have for dinner is adorable.

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

They are SO cute! In our house TV is TB and DVD is DBD. :) I LOVE the conversation with Ryan. So funny.

As far as patience goes I too believed I was an extremely patient person pre-two year olds :) Now I find myself apologizing to my children when I get frustrated. I HATE that I am not the picture of calm that I would like to be but I don't think you can achieve that level of patience if it is not tested I guess. It must be a challenge that all moms face.