Friday, August 21, 2009

Town Fair --Year 2

We went to our annual town fair last night. We took the kids last year (see here) but there wasn't much for them to do. This year we did a little more and I'm sure next year will be even better.

We grabbed some dinner. Kaylie tasted lemonade for the first time. She likes!

The kids had their first pony rides! They were so cute riding. But what a rip-off--$5 (each) to ride twice around the thing that wasn't very big. Couldn't we go at least 3 times?

We of course had to have a funnel cake. We also bought a bag of cotton candy. Their first taste. Ryan really liked it but Kaylie wanted nothing to do with it. Wouldn't even put it to her lips. You can see her disgust in the pic below. LOL

Until we got home.... Then she tried it and couldn't get enough. We didn't give her much fearing what would happen if she had pure sugar a half hour before bedtime.


cat said...

Oh my, what a rip off!

Linda said...

Totally cute pics! I'm impressed they weren't scared of the pony ride!