Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Under the Weather

The last two days have been rough in this house.

Thank goodness Grandma happened to come down on Sunday to watch them while I went shopping and had some me time. She ended up staying over and Bob & I went to dinner.
I woke up Monday with a splitting headache and knew I didn't feel quite right....well a few throw ups later I knew it was downhill. So Grandma stayed the day while I pretty much slept all day. Bob came home from work early with the same thing so we were both hit with the bug. The kind where you can't do anything but lay down. This morning Ryan & Kaylie woke up and vomited a few times all over the place. This was a first for them. After their nap, they seemed to be fine the rest of the day eating solids and drinking Pedialyte. Thank goodness for Grandmas is all I can say!


Annie said...

I hope all of you feel ok soon.

rachael said...

i hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Becky said...

Yuck, I truly cannot imagine a whole family of sickies. We haven't experienced that yet (hopefully I didn't just jinx us). I hope all will feel well soon. BTW those are great thanksgiving pics.

Linda said...

Thank goodness for grandmas is right. I'm SO glad your mom was there. Hope you're feeling better!