Sunday, October 5, 2008

How About Them Apples?

Our local grocery store sells apples for kids. They are small kid sized Macintosh apples. The other day I gave the whole apples to Ryan & Kaylie to see what they would do. Usually I peel and dice them. They loved them. (Yeah, yeah, I know their bibs are switched but hey they are wearing them aren't they?)


rachael said...

how fun, we'll have to try that soon! looks like they dug right in :)

Harris Boys said...

cute!! perfect size for their little hands and mouths!

BoufMom9 said...

How cute! Emma LOVES eating apples like that too (Will, not so much)
I end up having the kids in the wrong bibs all the time . LOL I figure the same as you... as long as they have them on... who cares?

PS SO eciting that you now have 2 walkers! WOW!!!!

* TONYA * said...

Ha, you know I've never even thought to give my bubs the apples like this. I'll have to go and get some of the little ones this week for them.