Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pics of the Week

Not too much in the way of pics this week but I am getting the bug to test out Bob's old SLR camera, so look out. I just need a cheat sheet to learn how to use it.
This is Ryan just chillin' out. This NEVER happens--Ryan sat like that for about 10 minutes. We never saw anything like it so a picture had to be taken.
Yep, I bought a water table. (It was on sale--who could resist?) They love it. They played with it for the first time with Grandma while Mommy & Daddy went to lunch & a movie.


the schirano triplets said...

i am so glad to hear that they loved the water sister is thinking about buying them one as a bday present! what cute pics!

RachelShingleton said...

Hey - if you're looking to learn more about SLRs and shooting in manual mode, check out's photography section. I needed a refresher from my college photography class days, and there's tons of different topics that she discusses.

RachelShingleton said...

Liz - just saw your comment over on my blog. Yay! So glad the Pioneer Woman was helpful for you. I really liked her tutorials, especially explaining about aperture and shutter speed because I never understood those to begin with! Anyway, she's got some pretty fantastic recipes also. Her writing style just cracks me up.

Congrats on a walking Ryan! These are exciting times! Jude just started crawling, and I feel like I might as well spend all day crawling with him because he's always finding something new on the floor to stick in his mouth. :-\