Friday, September 17, 2010


Here they preschoolers. It's official. We have survived the first week without incident. There was no crying. They just went into the classroom, began exploring and kissed me goodbye each time. They go on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I am wondering what Tuesday will bring because there will be a 4 day break in there. I'm not really worried about it too much because I think they like it but you never know. Ryan likes the playground and said he had fun there. He has come home with an acorn each day. After the first day, I said, "You go to school tomorrow too." Ryan responded with, "We already went to school." He has no idea that life as he knows it is changed forever. He thought it was a one time thing like going to the zoo or something.
I have no idea if they behave or if they talk to other kids. I do know that they have at least talked to the teacher. She said Ryan talks to her more than Kaylie. It's like they have this other life now...without me. It felt weird the first day leaving them. Hello, I just left my kids in a strange place with "strangers." I wondered about what they were doing, how were they, etc..
I picked them up the first day and the teacher said they needed to practice drinking from open cups. I guess they drink from small Dixie cups at snack time. I'll admit I've only had them do that a handful of times and it's quite messy (x2 I'll add). I usually use straws or straw cups. So we practiced and the next day she said they did fine. There were no spills on the first day--I just think they didn't drink their juice because they couldn't/didn't want spill it. I'm not certain, but their clothes were not wet and I arrived to see them still sitting at the snack table with full cups of juice in front of them.
Trying to get from them what they did that day is hard. They say bits and pieces here and there and who knows if it's the truth. Every night before bed Bob asks them what we did that day and many times the things are made up! So I take what they say lightly. A positive is I am doing a coop with the school, where I will get to go and be the parent helper for the day. This is about once a month. At least I'll get to see a little bit of their "world."


Annie said...

So glad they had a great week.

My girls are started preschool one month ago and sometimes is hard because I don't know what happens. They are like your kids just a few words and that's it.

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

When did our kids get so grown up? Ridiculous. They look adorable and i love the "they think it is a one time thing like the zoo" statement. That is so funny and yet I am sure you are right.